Smoke-free - the product burns without producing  smoke or fumes.

Spark-free - briquette charcoal does not produce sparks as opposed to hardwood charcoal. So there is no danger of a sudden fire.

Odorless - briquette charcoal has minimum evaporative substances which eliminates the possibility of odor.

Chemical/binder free - the charcoal is produced with untreated (chemically) timber waste and no of binder. Briquette charcoal is perfect for BBQ enthusiasts. 

Low Ash Content - briquette charcoal leaves no more than 5%  of the original weight in residual ash.

Higher fixed carbon - due to the techniques used to produce sawdust briquette charcoal the level of the non evaporated substances is very low.  This leaves very high fixed carbon levels which make sawdust briquette charcoal burn longer.

Longer burning hours - In a controlled environment sawdust briquette charcoal burns for about 5 hours, it is two times longer than hardwood charcoal. And with the right application methods the burning time can be prolonged beyond 7-8 hr.

Higher burning temperature - briquette charcoal is manufactured at high temperatures producing only true charcoal that will only burn at higher temperatures.  Only with higher temperatures can the original taste of traditional barbecue be preserved.

The hexagonal  shape  of briquette charcoal with a hole in the middle allows the charcoal to burn thoroughly while barbecuing.

​•Higher calorific value - the calorific values of the briquette charcoal are about 7,500-8.000Kcal/kg.