Charcoal Briquette is the No. 1 choice for all professional charcoal-based cooking applications, or simply for home BBQ enthusiasts

Low Ash Residue -

Leaving only 5% of

original mass behind

NO Smoke

NO Odor

NO Sparks




Eco Charcoal Llc Sawdust Briquette Charcoal

Lasts more than

5 Hours

Maintains High Burning Temperature

ECO Charcoal 
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Sawdust briquette charcoal is manufactured by turning previously unused by-product, wood waste collected from sawmills, into a usable energy source.The ash residue from the Briquette Charcoal doubles as a great soil conditioner and may be used in garden patches as fertilizer. 

​Briquette Charcoal is the ultimate solution for the Environment!

Wood waste is collected from sawmills as the sole raw material for the production. The wood waste then goes through the drying process either a rotary or jet system incorporated to a hot air generator, fueled by fine wood dust or timber waste. The dry raw material, while still in a hot state, is then compressed into briquette form through a hot (approx 570 – 650 °F ) mold under a screw pressure of approximately 40 tons. The pressure and the thermal energy force the Lignin(resin)to bind the wood waste under a high pressure to form sawdust briquette with density much higher than the wood itself. The briquette is then ready for the Carbonization process. Carbonization requires 3-5 days under high temperatures in the specially designed kiln. Cooling is first done within the kiln itself and later the charcoal is removed for external cooling using a cooling chamber. The charcoal is then ready for packing. 

100% Natural - No Chemical Additives or Binders